Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

Bacon eating bacon

Yet another funny (and disturbing) bacon t-shirt for my collection:

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16 Responses to “Bacon eating bacon”

  1. kevin says:


    Maybe it’s eating turkey bacon? Nah….

  2. shyloh says:

    That picture is so funny. We are what we eat ha.

  3. megwoo says:

    That’s hilarious! Yes, that makes me feel better… he’s eating TURKEY bacon.

  4. megwoo says:

    Shyloh, I’m so glad that’s not actually true. Otherwise I would be a slab of bacon. Heh.

  5. shyloh says:

    Oh great I am so glad you said that haha. I was beginning to worry about that. You keep up the good work. I love coming by.

  6. kevin says:


    It just occurred to me, maybe it’s “long” bacon.

  7. megwoo says:

    Thanks Shyloh, you’re so sweet.

    Hey, congrats on making the top 100 blogging poets list!

  8. megwoo says:

    Uhhh… Kevin, what’s long bacon?

  9. eliz says:

    i just remembered that there’s this bizarre comic you should check out. Snake ‘n Bacon by Michael Kupperman. it, you know, has bacon in it. there’s even a book: Snake ‘N Bacon’s Cartoon Cabaret.

  10. Heather says:

    so wrong, but so funny!

  11. megwoo says:

    That’s great Eliz. “I’m real bacon.” Hee hee.

  12. megwoo says:

    Yes, funny AND wrong… the best combo! Hee hee.

    I love reading your site and catching up on all the latest bacon happenings. Keep up the great work!

  13. shyloh says:

    Megwoo, thank you it was a surprise.

  14. Mr_Nathan says:

    Hello Meg,
    As a fellow Seattleite, I love your restaurat reviews and the general feel of your blog.

    I was wondering if you’ve ever review food products, and if so, if you’ve ever tried Grace’s Kitchen. They have a product line of 10 frozen, gourmet meals for two that are currently available at Larry’s and otherf finer grocery stores in the area.

    Happy New Year!

  15. megwoo says:

    Thanks Mr Nathan! Yes, I have reviewed Grace’s Kitchen meals—I’ve only tried two so far, but they were both great!

  16. Susan Hill says:

    That t-shirt is funny! I think you would love this lady’s tees!


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