Tuesday, August 9th, 2005

Caffeinated Pork: Part II

consumed on 8/2/05

“Leftovers” is such an unappealing word; it leaves an impression of undesirable, unwanted food. So when I invited my brother over for leftovers, I don’t think he had any lofty expectations. Of course when he found out the leftovers consisted of the pork I Doufeu’d (yes, I’m inventing new words) last Sunday, he was pretty excited. He made a comment about my leftovers being better than most restaurant food, which made me smile. I love my brother. He knows how to butter a sister up.

I gently reheated the roast in its tea sauce and the pork managed to become even more tender and succulent—a thing I wouldn’t have expected to be possible. To accompany the pork, I cooked some fresh, young green beans and slathered on a bit of butter and a beautiful herbed salt from Salt Traders. I also made a package of tarhonya which I had purchased from PFI a while back.

Tarhonya is a Hungarian pasta made from flour, eggs, salt and water. It’s shaped like tiny hard nuggets of barley and is an odd, not-quite-found-in-nature yellow. After some research, I discovered it’s best to brown the nuggets in butter or lard and then add broth to finishing cooking—kind of like a rice pilaf.

I browned the tarhonya in duck fat and then added chicken stock. I was worried that the pasta would get too mushy so I only cooked it for about twenty minutes. Unfortunately, it wasn’t nearly long enough because some of the nuggets were still hard and crunchy. It was good, but I think with an additional ten minutes of cooking, tarhonya might turn out to be my favorite pasta.

6 Responses to “Caffeinated Pork: Part II”

  1. saffron says:

    this blog is making me love pork all over again. love it.

  2. joey says:

    I agree! I love knowing that there are other pork fans out there. Those leftovers look mighty fine…

    Oh, I also feed love feeding my brother…he is my #1 tester and biggest fan :-)

  3. Kevin says:


    I’ve been pigging out on leftover pork all week. Yum!

    “the pork I Doufeu’d (yes, I’m inventing new words)”

    If you were writing for me, young woman, I’d wean you of that tendency so quickly your head would spin.

  4. megwoo says:

    Thanks Saffron & Joey! I’m glad you both share my love of pork!

  5. megwoo says:

    Ha ha! Kevin, if that gets under your skin, you should see me play Scrabble! Ooh boy.

  6. “Leftovers” is such an unappealing word…

    I love ‘em, it’s sad that most people just don’t know the proper way to reheat them.

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