Wednesday, August 17th, 2005

Bacon Spray

I’m simultaneously curious and very, very scared:

(via Blog on a Toothpick)

16 Responses to “Bacon Spray”

  1. Shows my train of thought… it took me a whole minute of browsing through the flavours before I realised you spray it on your tongue and not on your food! lol

    altho butter spray on the tongue? eek.

  2. joey says:

    Is that for real? What is the world coming to???

  3. megwoo says:

    I thought the same thing! I mean, spraying it right on your tongue is just weird. And gross.

  4. megwoo says:

    People will try anything if they think it will make them lose weight—except for actual exercise. (I’m guilty.) But I am just dying to know what it tastes like. Do you think it could taste anything like bacon?

  5. eliz says:

    i got an anonymous comment in my blog about this spray: “eliz, this is right up your alley.” i’m not sure if i should take that as an insult or a compliment.

  6. megwoo says:

    Oh my god. I’m so sorry, but that’s HILARIOUS.
    I just bought some. I couldn’t help it. I’m dying to know what it tastes like. Report coming soon…

  7. simon says:

    thats really funny that they have all these sprays. I guess it’s better than cheese whiz eh? ha ha

  8. megwoo says:

    Simon, I’m hoping it’s better than cheese whiz, but you never know…

  9. Conny says:

    Do you really spray it on the tongue? That’s just weird. I was looking at the recipes, though, and in those you spray the food. I’m seriously tempted to order some just see what it would be like, but I suspect that Chocolate Fudge Spray on a rice cake would really quite live up to the real deal! Bacon Spray on an egg-white omelet, however, might make converts out of us all….Looking forward to the report.

  10. megwoo says:

    Hi Conny,
    I guess you’re right—it does go on the food. Of course, I’ll probably spray it right on me. Like bacon perfume.

    I’ll let you know how it goes…

  11. Daniel says:

    Sweet. You could spray it on your gums for all-day, bacon goodness.

  12. megwoo says:

    Daniel, I checked out your site—love the pirate bacon shirts!

  13. Lois says:

    The website says to spray the savory flavors on your food, the sweet flavors in your mouth. Makes sense. If I need a sweet fix, I don’t care if it’s attached to something. If I need a Bacon fix, it better be attached to something chewy!

  14. Hannah Bacon-ater!! says:

    I never knew there were other bacon lovers like me and Mr.Q!!
    Bacon spray??!!! All my dreams have come true!!!

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