Friday, July 15th, 2005

Relish: Happy Hour at Brasa

My latest restaurant post is up at Seattlest: Brasa


4 Responses to “Relish: Happy Hour at Brasa”

  1. Terrific review, Meg. I’d love to see you review the new White Castle burger….

  2. megwoo says:

    Would that be the new “French” onion White Castle burger? Ewwww. No thanks!

  3. Former Seattle Resident Close to Food In That Town says:

    I see in your recent review of Brasa, that Murphy and Brian Hill have done nothing recently, except cannibalize Keff and Campagne from the Late Nineties. What the hell? Why does Murphy have a James Beard award? Seriously… the sausage/clams… that’s an old Flying Fish fav… the lamb burger… a Cafe Campagne hit from just about the day it opened.

    I seriously don’t understand how some of these “chefs” get so much attention. A James Beard award winner should be changing the menu more than a few times a year… especially given that I can remember talk about her doing weekly changes.

    Maybe she’s getting old and comfortable? I’m amazed that Keff even let’s her use the sausage and clams. Mind Boggling.

    I’m really kind of sad to see that. Sad. Why cannibalize?

  4. megwoo says:

    Well… I think most cooking is rehashing things that have already been done, unless you’re one of those few chefs who are truly inventing new food combinations. I guarantee you that Flying Fish didn’t serve the first combination of sausage and clams, nor did Cafe Campagne invent the lamb burger. I actually just appreciate when someone can do something well in a great setting and at a reasonable price. As far as winning the James Beard Award? Yes, you have a point, but keep in mind these were two dishes off the bar menu that cost less than $10—the main dining menu is much more interesting (but also more pricey).

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