Wednesday, June 29th, 2005

And the DMBLGiT? winner is…

Il Cavoletto di Bruxelles wins all with her chocolate decadence:

Mmmm. Congrats!

In individual categories, Brownie Points was rated the most original with that crazy, carbonated fruit! http://www.browniepointsblog.com/2005/05/01/carbonated-fruit

For aesthetics, Nosheteria takes top honors with a beautiful lemon curd:

And Il Cavoletto di Bruxelles wins again in the eatability category.

Thanks again to all the judges (Accidental Hedonist, Arthur Hungry, MeatHenge and The Food Section) and everyone who submitted an entry! Stay tuned to IMBB for the location of the next DMBLGiT? contest.

To view all the pics again and see the scores go to:

16 Responses to “And the DMBLGiT? winner is…”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations everyone! It would have been hard for me to choose between all the fantastic pictures.

  2. nosheteria says:

    Thanks a lot for all your hard work.

  3. Indira says:

    The moment I saw that picture of Chocolate Decadence, I know it’s going to be the winner. Who stands a chance against such tempting photo.
    Well deserved and congratulations to all the winners.

    -A loser for now(cleaning and readying the camera for next round of DMBLGiT) :)

  4. Eddie Lin says:

    Green eggs not appetizing? I don’t understand.

  5. megwoo says:

    Eddie, Yeah, I thought it was a beautiful picture, but not so edible in my book…

  6. Arthur says:

    Congrats to all the entries – the photos were really great!

    Eddie, as a lover of thousand year eggs, I thought that the other picture in your post of the egg by itself was even better. I haven’t had a thousand year egg that nice in god knows how long. It may have grossed some others out though…

  7. Kate says:

    Indeed, congrats to the winners and to everyone who entered. There were so many pics which were simply amazing and mouthwatering!

  8. stef says:

    congrats to everyone, that was fun! and thanks to iheartbacon for hosting/the roundup! i knew that chocolate entry was going to win—the moment i saw it i almost licked my screen.

  9. Sweetnicks says:

    Great job on all the hard work, and now scoring pictures too … wow! Readying myself for the next round…

  10. McAuliflower says:

    We could soooo pull off another really nice cookbook! Our photos have gotten slick!

  11. Great job, judges! Thanks for all your hard work posting and linking, Megan!

    ~ B

  12. babe_kl says:

    congratulations to all winners and everyone. fantastic pics! thanks meg & all the judges.

  13. Eddie Lin says:

    Bad Eddie! I forgot to thank our gracious host, Megan Woo! And thanks, Arthur, for being you and judging me…like everyone else in this world does. Also thanks to Josh, Accidental Hedonist and Meat Henge.

  14. This was fun! I am definitely going to be there next time.Thanks for hosting Meg.

  15. megwoo says:

    A big thank you to all. I had a great time hosting… although, I’m really looking forward to being able to submit an entry next month!

  16. chronicler says:

    Great choices! fter seeing all the pictures it makes me realize I need to spend more time perusing blogs during the month! There are some amazing chef/cook/bakers out there! All the pics were great. I’m glad I wasn’t on the selection committee. :-)

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