Thursday, May 19th, 2005

The Hostess Project #3: Hot Tamales

My third Hostess Project article is now up at Saucy!

I had a tamale making party and a few near disasters with huitlacoche and duck confit:

3 Responses to “The Hostess Project #3: Hot Tamales”

  1. Josh says:

    Great article!

    I’m totally disturbed by the reaction to the horchata! I’m curious: Did you happen to follow the recipe I linked to on my site? In my own experience (the one and only time I made it, it came out pretty milky in consistency), and there were definitely no congealing issues.

    Maybe it is an acquired taste, but I love it. My wife and I finished the whole batch in the course of two days.

  2. megwoo says:

    Thanks Josh!

    Ha ha. Okay, I just read the recipe on your site and I don’t think Zach followed it exactly (but it is the one he used). For one, we didn’t have cheesecloth, so I don’t think it was strained enough; there was definitely a texture to the finished product. Also, I’m not entirely sure that the mixture was diluted properly.

    I should also say that I did like the flavor, just not the consistency. It was kind of warm that day and I think that’s partly why it congealed. At Mexican restaurants they always have their horchata well iced—maybe keeping it cold is key?

  3. zach says:

    Josh, I was disturbed by the reaction as well. Horchata is an old favorite of mine—I’ve had a lot of it, and the batch I made compared pretty favorably I thought.

    I actually sortof improvised a combination of your recipe and the one at gourmetsleuth. The main difference between them was that the gourmetsleuth version had lime zest—which was a little odd at first, though I warmed up to it. But I’ll leave it out next time.

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