Monday, May 23rd, 2005

Gadget lust!

I’m not gadget happy by any means, but once in a while I’ll find a piece of cooking equipment that I really, really want. Sometimes it’s something completely unnecessary and esoteric, like the Oval Doufeu I came across on eBay—and am still kicking myself for not buying. (If you own one of these, please write and tell me how amazing it is, how I can’t live without it and how it’s worth the $300 price tag.) Sometimes it’s something as simple and indispensable as a $20 soft-sided cooler.

My latest lust has been for a thermometer. An $85 Super-Fast Thermapen to be exact. It can read a temperature in less than 4 seconds and makes me dream of perfectly cooked pork roasts and T-bone steaks.

3 Responses to “Gadget lust!”

  1. how do you use a doufeu? a friend bought one at the le creuset outlet (for $90) & isn’t quite sure how to use it… any help would be appreciated! THANKS!

  2. megwoo says:

    Oh, what a steal!! That’s great. I think my favorite recipe so far has been the pork shoulder with pineapple: http://www.iheartbacon.com/index.php?id=286


  3. gadgets and gizmos…

    […]Gadget lust! « I HEART BACON[…]…

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